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    Is fame and money a blessing when it reveals that your whole life has been a lie?

    Rue's deceased mother kind of "fibbed" about who her real father was. Big time. On her 21st birthday, she learns the truth by way of a $55 million inheritance from a man she never got the chance to know.

    More shocking? The two famous brothers Rue's been reading about in magazines all her life are suddenly family. Jack and Sean Stone aren't happy to meet their new secret sister. And their mom? She had no idea the nanny and her husband had a little girl, long ago.

    But when Jack sicks his rock-star best friend, Alec Gabriel, on her to see if she's a good girl or bad, did he ever expect what would happen?

    The whole world is watching to see what Rue Calliwell will do with all that cash.

    ©2021 Faleena Hopkins (P)2021 OrangeSky Audio

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