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    Launch your imagination and break the bonds of time and space with radio's highly acclaimed science-fiction anthology X Minus One! Produced in cooperation with science fiction magazines of the day, the series featured provocative stories by the genre's top genre authors. Ray Bradbury, Ernest Kinoy, Robert Sheckley, and more helped Americans of the 1950s look to the future. Dramatized with an atmosphere of excitement, top radio voices like Raymond Edward Johnson, Les Damon, Staats Cotsworth, Ruby Dee, Mandel Kramer, Joe DeSantis, and Bill Lipton gave voice to their visionary tales.

    Episodes Include: "The Castaways", 09-15-55; "And the Moon Be Still as Bright", 09-22-55; "First Contact", 10-06-55; "Dwellers in Silence", 11-10-55; "Time and Time Again", 01-11-56; "Skulking Permit", 02-15-56; "Sea Legs", 05-01-56; "Lulungameena", 05-29-56; "Project Trojan", 06-19-56; "The Girls from Earth", 01-16-57; "Open Warfare", 01-23-57; "Caretaker", 01-30-57; "Venus Is a Man's World", 02-06-57; "Field Study", 02-20-57; "Protection", 03-20-57; and "At the Post", 03-27-57.

    ©2014 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved. (P)2014 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved.

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