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    Wycliffe takles a case which reaches back down the generations....

    When Cedric Tremain is charged with murdering his father by booby-trapping his fishing boat, all the locals are agreed that he is an unlikely murderer. But the case against him is strong: he has the motive, the opportunity, and the know-how; not to mention the fact that there is some hard circumstantial evidence against him. So Cedric is arrested.

    But Chief Superintendent Wycliffe has a strong sense that something about the case just doesn't fit. As he quietly continues his investigations, a confusing picture emerges. Twenty years ago, Cedric's cousin was convicted of strangling his girlfriend and served 14 years of a commuted death sentence. While the wheels of justice begin to grind, Wycliffe searches for a link between past and present.

    ©1975 W. J. Burley (P)2008 Orion Publishing Group Ltd

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