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    Job going nowhere? Stuck in a body you’re embarrassed about? Longing for a life that’s different, bigger, and better? The solution to changing your life forever can be as simple as putting pen to paper.

    In this, his latest book, C.R. Edwards combines the best transformational habits from the greatest success literature of the last 90 years into a concise, easy-to-listen-to, and engaging book designed for the fast-paced individual. 

    In this audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • The single most powerful habit to daily renew your sense of gratitude, cultivate a joyful mind-set, and increase motivation to break through any barrier (guaranteed, it’s not what you think it is)
    • The six steps endorsed by millionaires to set and achieve any goal, no matter how audacious
    • The seven commonsense tips to take control of every aspect of your life and point it on an upward trajectory
    • Steps to master your life and schedule through the power of monthly, weekly, and daily planning sessions
    • The 10 easy exercises to identify the life purposes that are most meaningful to you
    • Easy-to-apply actions to increase your self-confidence and lead you to unprecedented success and personal achievement
    • Ways to shape the environment around you so it effortlessly supports and reinforces your habits of success
    • A concise, daily routine engineered to increase physical strength, foster mental peace and clarity, and help you stay up-to-date, motivated, and informed in your field - in just 30 minutes a day 

    In this book, Edwards goes out of his way to illustrate how the laws of achievement can be applied to fit the circumstances of the individual, not to shove them into a one-size-fits-all mold. It focuses on freedom and flexibility to ensure your success while still staying rooted in the principles that will yield the results you desire, even if you have never had success before. 

    If you are ready to get out of the rut you’re in and receive something better, click the “buy now” button right away.

    ©2020 Christopher Edwards (P)2020 Christopher Edwards

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