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  • Would You Rather Game Book for Kids (Gross Edition)

  • 200+ Totally Gross, Disgusting, Crazy and Hilarious Scenarios the Whole Family Will Love!
  • Geschrieben von: Cooper The Pooper
  • Gesprochen von: Ross Pipkin
  • Spieldauer: 51 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch

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    Prepare to be revolted, stumped, and totally tickled with this insane family challenge!

    Does your kid love to muck around in the dirt and get into the biggest messes?

    Does he or she find creepy crawlies, bodily fluids, and smelly stuff fascinating?

    Some kids are just naturally attracted to the grossest things they can find - the more disgusting the better! The times when you’ve had to stop them from eating some worms or protect your pristine suit from their slimy snot are probably too many to count. Surely, part of the fun for them is seeing you scream and run for your life when they do something gross.

    Want to get back at your kids for making you put up with the most nauseating encounters, while still enjoying some quality time with them?

    Here’s a unique way of accommodating your child’s preference for the distasteful things in life, without getting yourself dirty.

    ©2020 Cooper The Pooper (P)2021 Cooper The Pooper

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