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    Wartime radio at its most provocative - that's "Words at War"! The Office of War Information, in cooperation with The Council on Books in Wartime, brought listeners journalistic accounts of battle, first-person narratives, and novels inspired by actual events. Each story was adapted for radio…and for maximum emotional impact. These eight digitally restored and re-mastered broadcasts include performances by Les Damon, Lesley Woods, Maurice Tarplin, Staats Cotsworth, Jackson Beck, Lon Clark, House Jameson, Art Carney, and many more.

    Episodes include: "Combined Operations", 06-24-43; "They Call It Pacific", 07-10-43; "The Last Days of Sevastopol", 07-17-43; "The Ship", 07-24-43; "From the Land of Silent People", 07-31-43; "Prisoner of the Japs", 08-07-43; "Love at First Flight", 08-14-43; "Malta Spitfire" 08-21-43.

    ©2014 RSPT LLC (P)2014 RSPT LLC

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