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Witnessed by the Wolf

A Rue the Day Book
Autor: Chloe Vincent
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 14 Min.
Kategorien: Liebesromane, Paranormal

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A single mom on the run.

A detective with a wolfish secret who is compelled to save her.

A small, curious town off of a train stop that is home to psychics, clairvoyants, shifters, and supernatural folk with secrets to share.

Welcome to Everleigh & Rue's Curiosity Shop.

Dammit, not now! he thought, his body resisting the process.

Gage tensed, feeling the hairs on his neck rise as a familiar sensation overwhelmed his body, like a tsunami of stretched muscles and bone-deep pain. Worse: It was itchy, dark fur erupting from every inch of skin. He didn’t know why he was surprised; it was a full moon, after all. He’d even headed to the forest to ride it out. But it felt like it came out of left field every damn time.

It seemed strange that even after all this time, shifting was as painful as it was. How many decades had he suffered this? You’d think he’d get used to it after a while. And yet, it always seemed so brutal.

It’s not a burden, he reminded himself, like a mantra. He sank against a tree as the moon rose in the sky over Carson National Park. I’m fortunate to have this...

His mind clouded, cutting off his thoughts, his instincts becoming his only form of memory. He was no longer man-only a beast with mortal qualities...

©2020 Chloe Vincent (P)2020 Chloe Vincent

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