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    Just south of Tupelo, Mississippi, on the Natchez Trace lies a place of mystery called Witch Dance.  

    When Thomas and Margaret Speedwell took their twins to Witch Dance for a weekend camping trip, they never imagined they would be pulled into a vortex of witchcraft, tragedy, and karma. One of the girls goes missing; the other won’t say what happened on the other side of the hill.  

    The tragedy pulls together a cast of characters from Margaret’s childhood and beyond - Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians, Toltec ancestors, the extinct Hopewell tribe.  

    With the help of a childhood friend, a concerned newspaper reporter, and visions by a strange old woman, a 2,000-year-old mystery begins to unfold, uncovering missing children throughout generations. Who is taking them? Could it be the infamous witches of Witch Dance?

    ©2018 Lori Crane Entertainment (P)2018 Lori Crane Entertainment

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