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    Shanghai in the 1930s is a place of excitement and intrigue and magic. It is an international hotspot where foreign agents from around the world ply their trade. Brought to Shanghai to investigate a powerful new aircraft engine, young Conall McLeod becomes embroiled in a high-stakes game between gangs, spies and immortal beings. Together with his beloved Mudan Chang and hot-shot Chinese pilot, Feng Zhanchi, Conall must navigate the dangerous waters of the city's criminal undercurrents and help free a lost immortal from the clutches of evil. Writer Barbara Doran spins a fantastic tale of action and mystery filled with some of the most memorable characters ever conceived. Whether deep within the city's maze of dark alleys or high atop an ancient castle of evil, none will be able to escape from the wings of the Golden Dragon!

    ©2016 Barbara Doran (P)2017

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