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    For many decades, stories of betrayal, darkness, and blood have surrounded the mysterious land of Aragnar. Now, those tales have become a shocking reality, revealing a perilously beautiful land fraught with danger, discovery, and adventure. When a young woman is thrust into the forefront of an ancient war, her actions will determine the fate of thousands. 

    Finally free from the tyrannical reign of King Raveyn, Maria Fellbane and her people have found refuge in Aragnar, a foreign land on the verge of escalating war. Despite their serenity, murmurs of shadows in the dark mar the thin line between peace and fear, threatening to tear them apart once more. When tragedy strikes, Maria and Aleron must make difficult decisions to save their respective people, as well as prepare for the imminent war ahead. 

    ©2018 Elizabeth Hornberger (P)2018 Crimson Pulse Media LLC

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