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    Did you know most window cleaners easily make $50 to $100 an hour? 

    In this audiobook, you will learn how to easily begin a window-cleaning business that can make you $1,000 a month or more working only a few hours a week. Unlike many other businesses, window cleaning requires almost no overhead cost (you do need some minimal equipment). 

    What you will need instead is the right information and a ton of hustle!  

    If you are a beginner, it will not take much time to get an outline that shows what to do to get started. Look no further....

    You will learn important info such as:  

    • Minimal tools needed to get started  
    • Types of window-cleaning jobs that can make you money  
    • Easiest ways to secure window-cleaning jobs  
    • Advertising your window-cleaning service  
    • Which well-known site to use to get free information that can put you over the top
    ©2018 Shawn Lemond (P)2018 Shawn Lemond

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