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Win the War for Money and Success

Enhance Your Investment Return and Retirement Income, Reduce Taxes and Create a Sizable Inheritance
Autor: Neil Jesani
Sprecher: Skip Nelson
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 13 Min.

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This self-help financial audiobook will help you understand some of the most important financial concepts and strategies:

  • Strategies to reduce taxes
  • Create a better investment portfolio
  • Potentially double your retirement income
  • Make sure you leave a substantial inheritance behind
  • Most importantly, you will win the war for money and success!

During my 20-year career, I have helped more than 4,000 doctors, 3,000 successful small business owners, and many other senior professionals with the strategies contained in this audiobook to reduce their taxes beyond what a typical CPA or an accountant can do for them, almost double their retirement income, and create a substantial inheritance for the family.

Ironically, the financial services industry has contributed lots of information (and misinformation) in order to advance its own agenda. Most people can’t comprehend the complicated nature of investments, insurance, banking, and other financial concepts. It’s not their fault, of course. There are so many things to understand, process, and, finally, to make sense of. In fact, most financial professionals I’ve met don’t understand them either.

Economically, I divide our society into four segments: 1) lower-income people who live near the poverty line, 2) middle-income earners, 3) higher-income earners, and 4) the ultra-wealthy who deal in billions of dollars. Unfortunately, the lower-income segment does not have any means to implement financial strategies, and they tend to pay lower or no taxes. They also tend to be the primary recipients of government entitlement programs, as they have the most need. The ultra-wealthy, on the other hand, will never run out of money, and they can very well influence the system in their favor to lower their tax burden and create additional wealth building opportunities.

It’s the folks in-between, the middle- and higher-income earners, who are in the greatest danger of paying more than their fair share of taxes, running out of money, or leaving their family in despair because of bad financial decisions and general misinformation. They are at war against higher taxes and unfair financial disadvantages, at war against a system that is designed to take their money, penalizing them for the results of their success. They studied well and worked hard to become as successful as they can be. Taxes, inflation, market fluctuations, rising expenses, lawsuits and mediocre financial products, and advice are eroding their wealth and eating away at anything they might pass down as an inheritance to their family. If you are in the middle - paying more than your fair share of taxes and expenses, and having less and less to show for it - this audiobook is for you.

While it will certainly benefit higher-income earners and high-net-worth individuals, it will also provide a solid pathway for people who aren’t there yet and aspire to improve their financial situation. I always believe in discussions based on empirical evidence rather than someone’s opinion. That is why I have tried to limit my opinions in this audiobook. Instead, I provide as many facts and sources as possible. I hope this audiobook is a good starting point in your financial strategies research and journey to lowering your taxes, enhancing your investment return, doubling your retirement income and potentially creating a legacy for generations to come. Ultimately, I hope it helps you win the war for money and success.

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