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    William Wallace; if ever there was a champion in the annals of Scottish history, he was it. Known as a proud Scot who rose through the ranks to challenge the English king, Wallace was a mere man who became larger than life - large enough even for the likes of Mel Gibson to play him in Braveheart for movie-going audiences on the silver screen. But who was William Wallace? What separates the real man from the myth? 

    Chapters include:

    • A Country in Need of a Hero
    • Early Life and Legend
    • The Battle of Stirling Bridge
    • Wallace’s Invasion of England
    • Defeat at Falkirk
    • Capture and Execution

    And much more... 

    In this book, we will take a look at the life and the legend of Sir William Wallace in its entirety.

    ©2019 Hourly History (P)2019 Hourly History

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