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    Welcome to Willakaville! It's an ordinary small town turned upside down by magic, mayhem, and mystery. Follow amazing children through incredible adventures as they battle monsters, travel back in time, and zoom through outer space. Listeners will learn valuable lessons on problem solving, ownership, self-esteem, creativity, and manners.

    Laugh and be surprised as Charley and Billy receive a strange gift. Find out how the whole town becomes overcome by mushroom-eating zombies. Will Kyle escape the savage banana warriors? A magic pencil has a mind of its own. Track down a toilet paper thief with detective Grey, and zoom through space with adventurous Sarah.

    This book is full of great stories for kids, especially if they're into action, adventure, science-fiction and general silliness.

    ©2015 Mathew Heinecke (P)2015 Mathew Heinecke

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