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    Could wilderness be our only hope?

    As our culture removes itself from the natural world, something very essential has been lost.

    But there is still one place we can go to get it back.

    Come along on a spiritual journey, away from a chaotic world of details, obligations, smartphones, and noisy machines to a place that is unspoiled, untamed, and free.

    Backpacking mostly solo, Stillman leads us to the heart of the American wilderness, where nature works her magic to heal and transform your life.

    In this riveting book, Stillman guides us on a trip to uncover timeless wisdom, ancient magic, and a gateway to the soul.

    What will you find?

    Is there a greater truth hidden deep in the cracks and fissures of the Earth?

    You'll adore this love letter to Mother Earth because it captures the essence of what wilderness and solitude can offer to the human soul.

    Happiness is yours for the taking, if you just let nature back into your life.

    Get it now.

    ©2018 Scott Stillman (P)2020 Scott Stillman

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