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Wild Storm

The Unbridled Series, Book 2
Sprecher: C.J. McAllister
Serie: The Unbridled Series, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 2 Min.

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"The deepest secrets leave a trail that lead straight to the heart."

Storm Peckham has lived her entire life a walking, talking lie. It's an open secret that her father's best ranch hand is his half-breed son. Only one other living soul knows that "son" is Storm. And that soul, her half-sister Emma, has been kidnapped.

Without Emma, Storm faces a future as lonely and desolate as the desert toward which the kidnapper's tracks lead. But as long as Emma keeps leaving clues that tell Storm she's all right - and to stall for time - there's still hope.

When US Marshalls Colt and Cole Dalton meet their hired tracker, Colt senses something isn't quite right about this small, unusually scrawny "boy". And it's not just Storm's odd methods, pushing the pace one minute, ambling the next. Its subtle movements that betray feminine grace, eyes that seem to see right through to his soul.

With the handsome Colt tracking her every move, Storm's instincts warn her she's on borrowed time. And not even saving Emma will keep a lid on more than one secret with the power to change everything...for all of them.

©2016 Sandra E Sinclair (P)2017 Sandra E Sinclair

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