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    Sophie bowed her head and prayed, while twirling the knife in her hand. "God have mercy on their souls, for anger is my sickness, and it is a disease I am happy to spread." A sinister grin appeared on her face and she said aloud. "Let them have their peace, for I am ready to wreak all kinds of hate and animosity in this little, quaint town." 

    All was calm and serene in Kit’s seemingly boring life, until two visitors thrust into her life. One absolutely unwanted, the other unexpected.

    Sophie Wilson is on a mission to ensure the deaths of Kit and Cale Weston. Her deceased husband, Logan Wilson, is on a mission to ensure protection against Sophie and another out to hurt them, as well.

    Is this a matter of a woman scorned? Or a matter of a woman who cannot let go of the past and carry on with her life? It’s Sophie Wilson, and she is relentless in her pursuit of Kit Weston and won’t stop until Miss Golden Girl is dead. 

    ©2020 Lorinda Wosar (P)2021 Lorinda Wosar

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