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    No rest for the wicked...or for those who investigate them

    Sinister forces lurk in the corners of the Iron Kingdoms - restless souls, mischievous and cunning creatures, darker beings that bargain for mortal souls. Most pass unmarked, shunned, or avoided, but there is one group willing to seek out and study what others fear.

    In abandoned halls and forgotten ruins, the investigators from the Strangelight Workshop illuminate the darkness, armed with wisdom, curiosity, and specialized tools. The Workshop employs an odd blend of scientists, mercenaries, and occult explorers who seek to understand the unfathomable, to peel back the veil between life and death to commune with spirits haunting places beset by tragedy and madness. But now one team is about to step off the precipice when they learn of a malevolent plot to unravel all they have done and to harvest the souls of all humanity. 

    Something cruel awaits them. Something vile. Something wicked.

    Performed by Scott McCormick, Duyen Washington, Michael John Casey, Robbie Gay, Zeke Alton, Amanda Forstrom, Harley Gordon, Jessica Lauren Ball, Lawrence Redmond, Jonathon Church, Richard Rohan, Steve Wannall, Dylan Lynch, Eric Messner, Andy Brownstein, Nanette Savard, Bradley Smith, Joe Mallon, Matthew Bassett, Yasmin Tuazon, Tia Shearer, Peter Holdway, Colleen Delany, Carolyn Kashner, James Lewis, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, David Jourdan, Alejandro Ruiz, Terence Aselford.

    ©2017 Privateer Press, Inc. (P)2018 Graphic Audio, LLC

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