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    Ivy Morgan-Harker has everything she’s ever wanted, including a devoted new husband and an upcoming break from her nursery business for the Michigan winter. Then the unthinkable happens.

    Upon arriving at Morgan Nursery early one morning, she finds a body strung up in the middle of her happy sanctum...and there’s a message attached telling her that she’s next. The victim is the son of a well-known bar owner, a bar that Ivy helped bring down when she broke up a local prostitution ring.

    Worried and afraid, her husband Jack Harker digs in deep, and what he finds has him terrified for his wife.

    Somebody is holding a grudge regarding what happened at the bar, and the number of potential suspects looms large. Ivy and Jack must work together and follow a dark trail if they want answers...and it’s a trail that seemingly leads right back to them.

    Ivy is a target. Jack is determined to keep her safe. Together, they’re an unbelievable force.

    Ivy may be learning how to master her magic, but it’s the darkest form of human nature working against her this time. To survive, she’s going to have to figure out who has the most to lose from the bar going down, and then she’s going to have to fight the enemy she didn’t see coming if she expects to get her happily ever after.

    The big finale is finally here!

    Note: This is the final book in the Ivy Morgan series. She will, however, be returning in 2022 for a joint series with three other heroines, including Maddie Graves, Harper Harlow, and Rowan Gray. The series will jump forward about seven years, but all the regular characters will be present. Looking forward to seeing you then.

    ©2021 Lily Harper Hart (P)2021 Lily Harper Hart

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