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    Banish bad habits for good and transform your life with this groundbreaking new book from neuroscientist and behavioral coach Dr. Gabija Toleikyte.

    Most of us want to change something about ourselves - our stress levels, weight, relationships, or our performance at work. Change is hard and emotional, but it’s not as tough as you think.

    In this life-changing book, Gabija takes us on an eye-opening journey through the extraordinary human brain, explaining the science behind what makes us tick. With practical tools and simple tips, Gabija shows how you can make change happen, including:

    • What the brain needs to create new habits
    • The eight types of emotion and how to take control of them
    • The magical power of motivation and how to boost it
    • Simple ways to improve productivity
    • The secret to strengthening relationships

    Inspiring and enlightening, Why the F*ck Can’t I Change uses neuroscience and behavioral analysis to show you how you can train your brain to make change last.

    ©2021 Gabija Toleikyte (P)2020 Thread, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd.

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