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Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer

Autor: Greg Kuhn
Sprecher: DJ Holte
Spieldauer: 35 Min.

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Do you know the big (and important) difference between pain and suffering? While pain is inevitable in life, suffering is not. And there is a great secret you can start using right now to minimize, or even end, your suffering.

If you practice the law of attraction you'll enjoy how Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer pours rocket fuel into your deliberate creation, especially of those bigger desires that may be eluding you. If you desire serenity and ease of being, add this book to your list, and you'll create a new and strengthened sense of joy and peace in your life.

Greg Kuhn, author of the acclaimed Why Quantum Physicists... series, has crafted a brief, yet important, work that will super-charge the intentional creation of your material reality and infuse your quest for happiness and self-actualization with zest and vitality. A professional educator and author, discover why people are calling Greg "the law of attraction science guy".

With Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer, get ready to amp up your journey toward a life of your dreams.

©2013 Gregory Kuhn (P)2015 Gregory Kuhn

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