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    As a writer, I think I have a pretty cool job. There cannot be many occupations where you are allowed to spend countless hours in private contemplation, just imagining. Clearing my head (which often involves going for a walk or taking a cycle ride along the beach) is a very important aspect of my creative process (or at least that is what I tell my family and the people I work for). When my mind drifts (and it doesn't take much to start this process), it takes me down a whole new career path, one that I spent most of my teenage years (who am I kidding, most of the last four decades) dreaming of. In my mind, I'm a rock star.

    There are many similarities between the roles of writer and rock star (and not all of them are positive):

    • They are both creative jobs.
    • They can both lead to fame and fortune (although most of us will be lucky if our creative output pays the rent).
    • Some writers might even lead a bit of a rock and roll lifestyle (I now limit my creative stimulants to several really (really) strong cups of coffee throughout the day).
    • Success in both careers can equally be attributed to luck as much as it can be to talent (although there is no substitute for hard work).
    • You can wear what you want to work (although I'm perhaps a little too old for a spandex jumpsuit).
    • There are plenty of "industry-type" people who will try and take advantage you.
    • Most people who aspire to become either writers or rock stars fail.

    ©2015 John W. Hayes (P)2016 John W. hayes

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