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    Everyone is afraid of the boogie man. Society has been conditioned to view “real rape” as that which is perpetrated on a virtuous woman by a horrible, psychotic stranger. 

    The truth is, you are more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone you know. People turn to victim blaming to retain some measure of control and to help conceal the harsh reality that the boogie man could actually be anyone. Why Aren’t We Shaming Offenders Instead of Blaming Victims? is a look inside the world of sexual assault investigations. 

    Author Sandy Hein gives you a ringside seat at the fight law enforcement and other allied professionals go through in their quest to find justice for sexual assault victims. She takes you to the front lines where she explores how the investigation and prosecution of sexual offenders is challenged by rape culture, gender bias, victim trauma, the consent defense, and the question of accountability.

    ©2019 Waldorf Publishing (P)2020 Waldorf Publishing

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