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Wholly Communication

How to Talk, Listen, Speak in Public, Entertain, Interact with and Create Rapport with Almost Everyone You Will Ever Meet - with TOTAL Confidence -and a Little NLP! (Part One)
Sprecher: Mr Russell Webster
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 32 Min.

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Marriages break up en masse, friends and family have bust-ups that seem irretrievable, business relationships break-up, neighbours go to war and so too do nations. Ninety nine times out of one hundred it is because of a lack of communication or a communication breakdown.

Do you remember sitting in the classroom at school and studying mathematics? Or English or Physics. How much of it do you remember today? How much of it do you use today? Indeed how much of it do you really even need to use today? Do you remember all of those tedious communication lessons? No? Strange. Nor do I. The fact is that during your school years you probably learned quite a lot about maths, English, art, geography, physics, biology, and chemistry. You probably also studied a foreign language or two and had to do your homework piece on platetechtonics and the Earth's crust. But how much of it do you remember, need to remember, or use on a day to day basis. I would suggest little or none.

Do you remember all of those interesting lessons about people? Learning about what makes people tick? Lessons about how to understand other people and how to communicate with them? Maybe you don't remember those lessons either. Which is even stranger if you stop and think about it, because, after you left school, the one thing that you will have had to do more than anything else is to deal with people - work for them, have them work for you, work with them, try to understand them, try to motivate them, have other types of relationships with them, console them, support them, like them, love them, and generally interact with them.

Yet today marriages break up en masse, friends and family have bust-ups that seem irretrievable, children don't talk to their parents for extended periods of time, business relationships break-up, career problems arise, battles rage in the workplace, neighbours go to war and so too do nations. Ninety nine times out of one hundred it is because of a lack of communication, an inability to communicate, or a communication breakdown. Surely that makes communication one of the most important things that you could possibly have learned at school! If not the most important thing that you will ever have to learn.

In this audio the listener will discover: what makes a great communicator and that a massive fifty-five percent of your communication is through your body language. How to gain confidence in yourself. 20 golden rules to help you understand people. Why listening is as important as talking. How to ask great questions. How to answer even the toughest of questions - the NLP way.

So: what makes a good communicator? Communication is everything what happens when communication breaks down? How do you read other people's minds without verbal communication? What do you know about mind methods (What makes people tick?) Why listening is a vital ingredient of communication. How do you ask questions that make you popular - what do people need - the aardvarc method, the precision model -having the right answers to difficult questions at the tip of your tongue. Do the words power, accent, grammar and elocution actually matter? Self confidence - the vital ingredients. Doing it standing up, some extra goodies.

©2012 Russell Webster (P)2013 Russell Webster

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