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    Tessa O’Connell has everything she could possibly want. She’s engaged, she has her dream job working at a bookstore, and she’s going to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding next month. 

    Montgomery “Monty” Ford has everything she could possibly want. She’s getting married in June, she worked hard to achieve her dream job as a librarian, and she’s helping her best friend plan her wedding for next year.

    Unfortunately, plans go seriously awry when Monty’s fiancé ends up being a cheating loser and Tessa’s engagement falls apart. The plans they made so carefully are in complete shambles, and they’re both at a loss for how to move forward.

    Tessa and Monty turn to one another to try and pick up the pieces, and what starts as an attempt to use each other for dating practice turns into something they never saw coming - that will change everything they know about themselves and each other.

    What happens when it turns out the one you really want has been standing in front of you the whole time?

    ©2020 Chelsea M. Cameron (P)2021 Chelsea M. Cameron

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