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White Rain

The Misadventures of Max Bowman, Book 4
Autor: Joel Canfield
Sprecher: George Kuch
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 40 Min.

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Max Bowman has been gone for a long time. So long that he’s lost his home, his love, his money and most of his memories.

Now, the Russian Rat Pack is hunting him down. A dog puppet with Lego blocks for teeth is barking out strange warnings. His weird brother is hiding something in the basement. And the woman Max left behind is involved with a crooked lobbyist whose menace is almost as big as his stomach, as well as the stunning secret he’s got under wraps.

Oh yeah. And Donald Trump is also now president.

It’s the final chapter - and the final reckoning - in the award-winning Max Bowman saga.

©2019 Joined at the Hip Inc. (P)2019 Joined at the Hip Inc.


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