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    When Lucy Baskin was first brought to a home for wayward girls on Oak Street, she thought nothing could be more embarrassing than having her bare bottom spanked by her government-assigned daddy. But then she tried to escape and got herself sent to the place where bad girls go.

    At this special facility, she will be punished and trained by not one strict daddy, but three, all of whom will use and enjoy her beautiful body in any way they please. Though she is already blushing as she is led naked through the doors of the building and then restrained for a painful, humiliating paddling, the truly shocking nature of what awaits Lucy becomes even more clear as she is cleansed, bathed, and informed she will need to earn the privilege of wearing clothing.

    Despite her situation, being made to submit to the firm-handed dominance of three handsome daddies leaves Lucy shamefully aroused, and it isn't long before she is quivering with helpless, desperate need as she begs to be taken hard and thoroughly. But when her training is complete and the time comes for her to be claimed by the stern, sexy billionaire who has purchased her, will Lucy finally be ready to put aside her defiance and surrender to her body's demands?

    Publisher's Note: Where Bad Girls Go is a stand-alone novel which shares the same near-future setting as the books of The Institute Series and The Institute: Naughty Little Girls series. Where Bad Girls Go includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

    ©2019 Stormy Night Publications, Emily Tilton (P)2019 Emily Tilton

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