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    Welcome to When a Man Loves a Man: Volume 2, a Mars Audio Books collection of three M/M love stories by acclaimed erotic and romance author Claire Thompson.

    In this second volume in the series, another three of the author's finest M/M works are presented as a single boxed set for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. Three more lovingly crafted stories regaling tales of hope, broken promises and overcoming all the hurdles that often lie in the way of finding true love. We all believe that one day, love will find a way. Please enjoy the following stories that are once again beautifully narrated by Josh Walker:

    Wicked Hearts

    Jealousy, lust and unraveling lies threaten to shatter more than one heart in this tale of love, power and betrayal.

    Polar Reaction

    A passion hot enough to melt a glacier. A love that shakes them to the core....

    The savage Antarctic winter is closing in, and three research scientists are scheduled for the last flight out - until an unexpected blizzard traps all three of them in the compound. Thrown into a dangerous situation, the three of them turn to each other for survival, solace...and more.

    The Cowboy Poet

    When passion overtakes caution, the firestorm of desire that erupts between two men threatens to burn everything in its path.

    Warning: Hot, delicious male/male erotic romance.

    Danger: Explicit m/m sex.

    ©2020 Romance Unbound Publishing (P)2020 Mars Audio Books

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