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    Jared Scott should have been on the helicopter that crashed and killed his best friend. The guilt of knowing Mike might still be alive if Jared had been on that flight sent him on a path of destructive behavior. Eventually, he cleans up his act, but that doesn’t free him from the consequences. 

    Sybil Hollis has spent her life searching for love in all the wrong places, but would she even know it if she finds it? And commitment? She knows nothing about sticking around when times get tough. All her life she’s been taught it’s easier to run away from problems or drown them in habits. 

    Until the day she faces a lifetime commitment from which she can’t escape. With Jared at her side, can Sybil discover what love means when it’s forever?

    ©2017 Leah Atwood (P)2019 Leah Atwood

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