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    Perhaps all of Jonathan Ames' problems, and the genesis of this hilarious audiobook, can be traced back to the late onset of his puberty. After all, it can't be easy to be 16 with a hairless penis "undistinguishable from that of a five-year-old's".

    This wonderfully entertaining memoir is a touching and humorous look at life in New York City. But this is life for an author who can proclaim "my first sexual experience was rather old-fashioned: it was with a prostitute", an author who can talk about his desire to be a model for the Hair Club for Men and about meeting his son for the first time.

    Often insightful, sometimes tender, always witty and self-deprecating, What's Not to Love? is an engaging memoir from one of our most funny, most daring writers.

    ©2000 Jonathan Ames (P)2006 Audible, Inc.


    "Ludicrously funny...disconcerting and refreshingly frank." (The Denver Post)
    "[What's Not to Love?] soar[s] with Ames' original wit and generous spirit." (Entertainment Weekly)
    "Hilarious....[Jonathan Ames has] an unusual ability to take crack-smoking, balding, and Oedipal fixation and whip them up into an elegant, comic meringue." (The New York Times Book Review)

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