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    A remarkable book that will both inspire and guide you, What's Going Well? uncovers the key to bringing optimism into your daily life by embracing a "What's Going Well" mindset. 

    For the past 15 years, Greg Bell has been inspiring audiences ranging from auditoriums of thousands to small groups of select CEOs at locations throughout the globe as a highly sought-after motivational speaker. How does he keep up the pace darting across airports and oceans for his work? Optimism is at the heart of it all, and he's ready to share his methods of building this powerful mindset. 

    In What's Going Well?, Greg Bell takes the listener on a journey to the frontiers of neuroscience and positive psychology and reveals simple daily activities that change our physical wiring for the better. Through this, he shows how consistently focusing on the good in our lives impacts our leadership, success, and overall well-being, and he shares how to start building the habit here and now. 

    The key is that optimism requires us to make a choice: to squash our natural survival tendency left over from the old reptilian brain that's hyper-focused on problems and dangers at every turn. To thrive, we must instead turn our attention to the good in our lives, and learn to build optimism through practice. Highly engaging and very practical, What's Going Well? breaks new ground as it leads you to change how you feel about yourself and your future.

    ©2018 Three Star Publishing (P)2019 Three Star Publishing

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