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    Impress your friends by learning interesting facts about people, relationships, animals, and the world. Master trivia nights like a boss. Never be bored again with hundreds upon hundreds of amusing fun facts that you never thought were true. I don't know about you, but I love learning new things every day. I have compiled some of the best facts in the world - some of which will literally blow your mind.

    You will learn things like:

    • The hidden benefits of having a lazy day
    • Life hacks to be more productive
    • Secrets of the wealthy
    • The keys to happiness
    • Tricks to eliminate worries
    • Fun facts about cute animals
    • And much, much, much more

    Scroll through some of the pages through the preview feature and see for yourself. Hit the purchase button and add this valuable piece to your digital collection to start listening immediately and to save for those long road trips.

    ©2020 Cameron Monhagan (P)2020 Cameron Monhagan

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