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    Women can be a man's greatest ally or his worst enemy. He chooses which path he goes down by the women he chooses to let in his life, or if he chooses one at all. Society would have you believe that; she chooses you, you must serve her without question and as a man you must surrender to her.

    What if I told you that you're being lied to and hold the power to control what type of women you allow in your life and which ones are worthy of your devotion?

    This audiobook will open your eyes to treacherous path that ruined our fathers lives and will ruin yours.

    • Types of women to avoid
    • Red flags you need to know about
    • The truth about dating women with kids
    • Why you shouldn't save women
    • The side of women you never want to see
    ©2020 Shane M. Chapa (P)2020 Shane M. Chapa

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