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    Secrets, lies, mystery, and passion...

    In St. Neuri, nothing is as it seems. What appears to be a small, quiet, and forgotten town is so much more. With the fog settling in every night and bodies turning up everywhere, St. Neuri proves to be more dangerous than anyone imagined. And the rumors about wolves are escalating.

    While grieving her father's death, Millie falls for the dashing bad boy with a smile that melts her heart. 

    Sarah wants so much more, and it starts with the man who puts her in a world of danger and desire.

    But even Janelle's secret is more than she can handle - especially from the billionaire with his own hidden agenda.

    And when Lily finds herself entangled in a love triangle, passion may be her only reprieve...

    Werewolves of St. Neuri is a steamy four-book boxed set, guaranteed to keep you engrossed. One book isn't nearly enough; you'll be howling for more. Will the secrets of St. Neuri bring them together or tear them apart? 

    This is the complete four-book box set. Werewolves of St. Neuri includes the titles: Werewolves of the Mountain, Werewolf Divide, The Billionaire Werewolf, and Rekindling with the Wild.

    Warning: Intended for mature audiences (18 and above) only.

    ©2019 Rahgir Nabi (P)2020 Rahgir Nabi

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