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    Welcome to Your Future: Two Stories by Kurt Vonnegut. Presented by the Online Stage.

    In the not-too-distant future, 2185 AD, anti-gerisone is the new drug that stops ageing. People are now living into their hundreds until it's time to take their own big trip up yonder, and in the case of the Ford family and Gramps, the notable patriarch, families are living and fighting together in one home for much longer. Eventually there are no prisons, slums, asylums, poverty, wars, or disease. and 200 years later the population of the US is set at 40 million people. But since no one gets any older, someone must volunteer to die if a baby is born. To make an appointment, one need only call 2BR02B....      

    "The Big Trip Up Yonder"    

    If it was good enough for your grandfather, forget is much too good for anyone else!    


    • Narrator - Anna Grace  
    • Gramps - Jeff Moon  
    • Lou - Andy Harrington  
    • Emerald - Susan Iannucci  
    • Eddie - Tyler Hyrchuk  
    • Willy - Lance Rasmussen  
    • Morty - Ted Wenskus  
    • TV Commentator - Marty Krz  
    • TV Announcer - Marty Krz  
    • Turnkey - Ted Wenskus    


    Got a problem? Just pick up the phone. It solved them all - and all the same way!    


    • Narrator - Anna Grace  
    • Orderly - Tyler Hyrchuk  
    • Painter - Lance Rasmussen  
    • Leora Duncan - Aisling Gray  
    • Dr. Hitz - Jeff Moon  
    • Edward Wehling - Andy Harrington  
    • Hostess - Susan Iannucci    

    Audio edited by Anna Grace

    Public Domain (P)2020 The Online Stage

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