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Weight Loss II - The Real Me

This program, the second part of the weight loss series, is remarkably powerful in creating a new, fit, slim mental image at all levels of the mind, which the systems, cells, metabolism, and habits begin to respond to. This program reframes, in the mind, both the habits and self-image to that of a healthy, slim person. I believe this is the key to permanent weight loss. No diet is permanently effective without this shift in consciousness happening first. 

My programs are designed to help you reach your ultimate potential by using the power of your own mind. Your subconscious mind has infinite storage space, which has been filled through the years with information, both negative and positive. My program will help you to release all of those things that don't serve you and to unleash the amazing power within. These programs not only take you on a beautiful journey within - they will also put you back in control of yourself and your life. 

You will be able to overcome destructive habits, illness, hardship, and to achieve things you never thought possible.   

About the Author

Crystal Hansen Dwyer is a highly skilled practitioner of transformational life coaching and is a board-certified hypnotherapist. She has studied with different masters of the healing arts over the years and even spent a year and a half with the famous Chopra Center of Well Being. She has her own unique program utilizing the powerful tools of hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, and meditation. By using these amazing techniques she is able to assist her clients in overcoming the obstacles that keep them from being their best. With grace and humor, she helps people move forward to create more of what they desire out of life.

©2006 Crystal Hansen Dwyer (P)2019 Nightingale Conant

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