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    The first audiobook in the bundle is titled Intermittent Fasting for Women 101, and inside this audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • How to achieve your own weight loss transformation...even if you think you’ve tried every diet before.
    • The real science behind intermittent fasting methods...and why this is the finally the answer you’ve been looking for!
    • Secrets for leveraging the power of meal timing to become the healthiest version of yourself.
    • Why calories in and calories out is not the answer...and what the real solution is.
    • Two of the biggest diet myths of all time...that has been stopping you from hitting your weight loss goals.
    • And many, many more!

    The second audiobook in the bundle is titled The Ketogenic Diet Bible for Beginners, and inside this audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • Why eating fats doesn’t actually make you fat...and the real surprising truth about fats.
    • Cutting-edge tips for losing the weight, feeling great...and being the healthiest you’ve ever been.
    • Little-known tricks for getting into the state of ketosis fast...and making it sustainable long-term.
    • How the keto diet can dramatically increase longevity...and reverse the aging process.
    • Why the food industry has led you to believe that eating fats is bad...and how this put billions of dollars into their pockets.
    • And many, many more!

    It’s time to make a weight-loss transformation now! The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you!

    So, I hope you act with a sense of urgency, with a ticking time bomb, to get the Weight Loss Secrets bundle now!

    ©2019 Lisa Sanders (P)2019 Sara Watson

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