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    Picking up her entire life and moving to a new country was scary, but the unknown of what she would find in America was even more terrifying. Lin had heard of other girls who had agreed to similar arrangements that didn't end so well for them. She prayed that things would be different for her. If she hoped to help her family back home overcome poverty, she didn't have much choice. However, when she meets Jason, her fears are quickly put to rest.

    Jason had a rough past that left him believing true love no longer existed. So when he agreed to an arrangement with Lin, he thought it would simply be a business deal. When she moves in, he is confused to find feelings arising that he hadn't felt for a very long time. Will she be able to convince him that true love is alive and well?

    ©2015 Active Passion Publications, LLC (P)2016 Active Passion Publications, LLC

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