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    A growing number of people are beginning to see things in a radically different way. In other words, more and more of us are starting to "wake up" spiritually - to discover an entirely new identity beyond the usual sense of who we think we are. But what is spiritual awakening, really? How does it happen - and what are the consequences? Is it possible to attune to this dimension of experience at any moment?

    In Waking Up, Volume 5, Sounds True publisher and founder Tami Simon speaks with six teachers about their personal understandings of spiritual awakening - how it takes place, what changes (and what doesn't), and how their experiences can inspire and inform our own realizations.

    Volume 5 guests and topics:

    "Shifting to the Infinite Lifestyle" with Robert Thurman

    "Waking Up, Waking Down, and Waking Out" with John J. Prendergast

    "Removing the Armor of the Heart" with Chris Grosso

    "The Process of Continual Awakening" with Richard Freeman

    "What Is Stillness?" with Mukti

    "Dying into the Light" with Andrew Harvey

    ©2015 Sounds True (P)2015 Sounds True

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