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A Struggle That Shadows Even the Strongest Athlete
Sprecher: Brian McKiernan
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 20 Min.

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Benjamin Bonetti is a leading sports performance coach and author of several number one best-sellers, including How to Stress Less, How to Change Your Life, Building Mental Toughness in Sport, and The New Encyclopaedia of Sports Psychology.

This publication is full of practical techniques and questions designed to promote an understanding of why, at times, you feel the way you do, and help you to become rooted, mindful, and more accepting of you as the person you are.

Divided into sections, the focus is to introduce the subconscious to new ways of thinking via strategic questioning and answering processes.

Being vulnerable is not about showing weakness; it is about knowing who you are and having something question those values externally.

Being vulnerable is not about reflecting and thinking something is missing; it is about having the self-respect to know how to improve.

Being vulnerable is not about allowing another the freedom to hurt or cause pain; it is about having the freedom to display real love.

Being vulnerable is not about boxing emotions and avoiding situations; it is about using life's feedback as a reason to live.

If you think it's time to take the action needed to understand yourself a little more, then why not take the action needed right now?

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