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    Visible Gods is an imaginary dialogue between Socrates and four fictitious modern-day characters. Socrates' worldview is of a living cosmos with man only half-way up the hierarchy of all beings; above him reign suprahuman beings of great majesty and power - the visible gods. 

    The moderns with whom Socrates converses disdain his ancient Greek cosmos as primitive and false. Yet as Socrates questions them in typically ironic fashion about the discoveries of science, it's not at all clear that the scientists' view of "a dead universe populated here and there with rare accidents of life" is right. Indeed, the more the moderns argue their case, the more Socrates shows they are arguing his.... 

    Douglas Harding completed Visible Gods in 1955. But the "living universe" does not go out of date! Join this conversation and discover - rediscover - the brilliant, shining, truly majestic life that is within you and without you. Put aside modern preconceptions and see the world with fresh, innocent, truthful eyes, and be amazed!

    ©2016 The Shollond Trust (P)2021 The Shollond Trust

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