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    We always want to believe history happened to those in the past. Many aspects of historical events were unforeseen. However, not this one. Warnings had been issued, yet the world was unprepared for the invisible enemy that threatened to kill us all.

    Welcome to the next global war.

    From the imaginative mind of international best-selling author, Bobby Akart, comes a series ripped from today's headlines. Meet the Virus Hunters, the disease detectives on the front line of a never-ending battle to save humanity from viruses one-billionth our size. 

    "Few books or writers have captured my attention like Bobby Akart."

    Deadly outbreaks of diseases make headlines, but not at the start. Every pandemic begins small, subtle, and in faraway places. When it arrives, it spreads across oceans and continents, like the sweep of nightfall, killing millions, or even billions.

    Mr. Akart has delivered up-all-night thrillers in his 40-plus novels. His new Virus Hunters novels will give you pause and remind you that we're in a global war for survival against an unseen foe.

    With a Bobby Akart novel, "You are there. Feeling what they feel. Anger, joy, love, mourning. You feel it all. Not everyone can write a book like this. It takes a special writer to make you feel a book."

    Special dedication:

    Finally, this series is dedicated to the Virus Hunters - the disease detectives, shoe-leather epidemiologists of the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service who work tirelessly to keep these deadly infectious diseases from killing us all. Thank you!

    ©2020 Crown Publishers Inc. (P)2020 Crown Publishers Inc.

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