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    She sees the dead....

    ...the dead won’t save her. 

    The ghost warned Jerusa not to disturb the vampire ritual, but she really didn’t have a choice, did she? 

    Now she must face the horrific consequences....

    Jerusa’s interference has unleashed a monstrous entity with a taste for vampires and humans alike. Her only option: employ her spectral powers to hunt down the fiend before it can rip a bloody path through the entire town. 

    Will her new companions help her kill the creature.... 

    ...or do the vampires have a more sinister purpose in store for Jerusa? 

    You’ll love this paranormal page-turner because it brings a fresh new twist to the vampire/ghost genres. 

    Sink your teeth into VAMPIRE SPIRIT today!  

    ©2014 Gabriel Beyers (P)2019 Gabriel Beyers

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