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    If she's spared execution, can a vampire with second sight save the ones she loves?

    Jerusa Phoenix lives in fear of judgment. Unlike the harmless smirks she received back in school, a negative opinion from the Stewards of Life could get the newly-made vampire killed. With an army of savages on the rise and terrifying new creatures in pursuit, Jerusa wonders if approval for her immortality is actually the least of her worries...

    Silvanus remains unsure of who he is. After saving Jerusa's life by turning her, his pursuit of the mysterious Divine Vampires is his only concern. Little does he know that his effort to keep the girl alive could make him a fugitive...

    As Jerusa awaits the merciless council of blood-drinkers, she and Alicia keep their ghostly secrets hidden. But putting their cards on the table may be the only way to avoid a swift and lethal end...

    Vampire Justice is the second book in The Perpetual Creatures Saga, a heart-pounding series of paranormal suspense novels. If you like different twists on vampire mythology, complex heroines, and refreshing world building, then you'll love Gabriel Beyers’ unputdownable tale.

    Get Vampire Justice to quench your thirst for an intense page-turner today!

    The Perpetual Creatures Saga:

    • Book 1: Vampire Spirit
    • Book 2: Vampire Justice
    • Book 3: Vampire Gifts
    • Book 4: The Stone Vampire

    Full cast of narrators includes BJ Harrison.

    ©2015 Gabriel Beyers (P)2019 Gabriel Beyers

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