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Urban Nightmares

Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy in a Suburban Setting
Autor: David Bain
Sprecher: Quintin W. Allen
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 21 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction, Horror

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David Bain brings you five stories from the dark side of town. Horror doesn't just happen in a creaking haunted house; the paranormal and occult can creep into every corner of the United States' urban landscape. These short stories of dark fantasy bring the metaphysical mystery of everything from demons to serial killers to your back door....

"Black Cab": The black cabs snatching citizens off the Chicago sidewalk were just an urban myth - until the day Bennie hailed one....

"The Little Guy": A story for the 99 percent. When Guy is fired, the belittling is literal.

"Phone Sex on the Nightside": A traveling salesman discovers the number in the back of the strange porno mag will redefine his definition of phone sex forever!

"Hellcat Prom Night": Some girls will go to sadistic lengths to have a perfect prom night...and some men don't know when to stop hitting on a stranger they don't even know....

"The Demon Wind": It's mayhem at a Modesto, California 7-11 when a customer comes in carrying a demon inside him.

"The Streetlight Filled with Flowers": The bum standing under the streetlight out in the parking lot only mutters nonsense - but might hold the keys to grand visions.

©2014 David Bain (P)2015 David Bain


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