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    You know your life could be so much better if only you had more willpower. If you had more willpower, you'd be able to stick to your diet and meet your weight goals. If you had more willpower, you'd be able to avoid alcohol. If you had more willpower, you'd be able to stop procrastinating and get more work done.

    Want unstoppable willpower on tap? Well, now you can have it.

    In this book, you'll learn what willpower is, why it's so important, why you don't have enough of it - and how you can strengthen your reserves so they become unstoppable. You'll learn:

    • What motivates people
    • The enemies of willpower
    • Why it's easier to give up than continue
    • How you can develop unstoppable willpower and never lose it
    • Much more!

    Grab this book and start your journey to acquiring unstoppable willpower!

    ©2017 Smart Reads (P)2017 Smart Reads

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