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Alpha Male Self Confidence Edition
Autor: Craig Beck
Sprecher: Craig Beck
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 4 Min.
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Most men will claim that what they want more than anything is money, status, and respect, but for the majority, there is something much more valuable. Despite the often outward bravado, most guys would trade everything to be with the woman of their dreams. Modern men place this critical goal high on a pedestal. The very thought of going after the ultimate woman and falling short becomes too scary to even consider acting upon.

For many genuinely decent guys, the fear of rejection is enough to see them settle for a relationship that is a long way from what they really want. So many men spend a lifetime in a "romantic" partnership that does not really fulfill them sexually, intellectually, or emotionally. They are trapped by their misaligned low self-esteem and inner beliefs.

Unleashed is the seminal training program of international best-selling author and motivational speaker Craig Beck. He tours the world hosting life-changing events that help people love themselves more and unlock their full potential. As a result of this audiobook and course, thousands of people are now achieving dramatic new levels of success and happiness in their lives.

This specially adapted and enhanced version of the course focuses on how men can stop settling for less than they deserve and get the true lifestyle of their dreams.

You will discover:

  • How to unlock your full potential as a man
  • Alpha-male self-confidence secrets
  • How to approach and talk to women
  • What women want in a man
  • Living a wealth and abundance mind-set
  • How to get more passion, sex, and excitement in your life
  • And much more
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