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    Jennifer Wilson spent the last 17 years raising her younger sister Kelsey, after a boating accident killed their parents. It hasn’t always been easy - especially with her sister’s best friend, Riley Blake, always hanging around. Riley hasn’t had an easy life either. Growing up with an alcoholic father, abandoned by her mother when she was 10, Riley has learned to cope with being on her own. Her friendship with Kelsey is the only thing steadfast in her life, and she cherishes it.

    When tragedy and secrets emerge, Jennifer and Riley must learn to lean on each other. The growing attraction between them only complicates matters. When events conspire to keep them apart, will they trust the unknown forces that keep pushing them together, or hide from their feelings forever?

    ©2019 Affinity eBook Press NZ Ltd. (P)2020 Affinity eBook Press NZ Ltd.

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