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    Understanding the Cell is a college introductory-level audiobook in a conversational manner. Within each section key words and concepts are introduced, discussed, and then reviewed. The audio format allows students to make the most of their time by giving them the freedom to study by listening.

    The topics covered in “Energetics & Biological Chemistry” include: 

    1. Life and Order
    2. Atoms and Elements
    3. Water
    4. pH
    5. Biochemicals

    The topics covered in “Cell Function” include:

    • Transport across the Cell Membrane
    • Cell Organization
    • Enzyme Regulation
    • Glycolysis
    • The TCA Cycle and Electron Transport
    • Mitochondria
    • Chloroplasts
    • Photosynthesis
    • Protein Synthesis
    • DNA Replication

    Understanding the Cell is an ideal study guide for students who need to review introductory biology including those who need to review for the MCAT, DAT, Biology GRE, and AP Biology.

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    ". . . an excellent way for students to learn concepts and review." - Biology Program, Clemson University |". . . allows students to preview and review the material . . . it works!" - Biology Dept., Univ. South Carolina-Spartanburg|"Above average study guides . . . recommended." - Science Books & Films |". . . for both non-major and major students." - Journal of College Science Teaching

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