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    Can an expert in a field of science and one trained in the scientific method to analyze and scrutinize data critically and carefully while considering all possible hypotheses before making conclusions, believe in a living God as the Creator of the universe? Dr. Daniel James Branagan would not only say yes but absolutely and unconditionally yes and examines this truth in Understanding Manna!

    Observation of the universe clearly shows imposed order rather than chaos which signifies design. Design signifies a Creator, a rational being who put intricate order and complex structure into the universe at all length scales. God, the Creator of the universe, crafted everything with a purpose and has recorded his plan.

    Understanding Manna is written to explain God's plan including life's biggest questions, such as the meaning of life and the purpose of creation. In Understanding Manna, Dr. Daniel James Branagan systematically and clearly examines and explains Christian doctrine, including who is Jesus. Furthermore, the book focuses on explaining Jesus's love for all mankind and how his sacrifice on the cross established a clear path to salvation, for those who choose to take this path.

    Understanding Manna provides to you, the listener, the understanding needed so that you can make the most important decision of your life, representing the most seminal moment in your lifetime, and one which will determine how you will spend the rest of your existence in eternity.

    ©2018 Daniel James Branagan (P)2019 Daniel James Branagn

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